Mission Statement:

The Camas Camera Club provides a supportive forum for photographers of all skill levels to meet and share in creative photography projects.

The aim of our meetings is to enhance the enjoyment members have with their photography and offer good companionship along the way.

We meet once a month and share photo assignments, techniques and stories. 

Our assignments are set up for members to take monthly creative images and have an enthusiastic forum to share them with.

The CCC is a noncompetitive group, we do not host competitions.

We hold the view that photography is an ongoing personal journey of learning towards mastery, that has many and varied expressions.

We value good banter and frown upon gossip.

In addition to club meetings, communication and club updates are communicated via e-mail.

Membership - as a participating member you can:
- engage in CCC assignments
- attend CCC field trips
- enter in CCC exhibits
- vote on CCC issues
- are supporting something good in the world

Membership dues are $25 per year and are paid every June.

Guests may attend up to 3 meetings for free.  If you would like to share your photographic journey with others of kind, we warmly welcome you.