Photo Walk - March 2016 - Vancouver, WA

12 Photographers 12 visions of the world . . .  this gallery is being updated as new images arrive, please check back frequently.

"These are the photos I chose from the ones I took on our Photo Project in Vancouver. I did not get any real keepers, these are really in the snapshot category.                 It was a fun outing for us. I would like to do something like this again".  - Lou Steffey

"I have been fascinated by the small worlds of mosses and lichen perched atop the fence posts of Fort Vancouver. Each a miniature landscape, each a unique realm of wonder." - kirsten Muskat

 "Capturing the old essence of Fort Vancouver." - Brian Legate

"When I look at all of the photos from the day, it is a very interesting mix of chaos vs clarity.  None of these images totally stand on their own, but for me to clearly see them alternate between fuzzy, busy, overwhelming, overloaded to the opposite with clean lines, stark / hard lines..... As a study of the current state of my mind, as opposed to my photographic skill.......i found it to be really enjoyable". - Cheri Jackson

"The trip to the fort was interesting and was really another form of the landscapes i am drawn to (more comfortable with?) "- Henry Gerhart

 "It was great fun to walk and talk with other photographers and see what people chose to aim their cameras at. "  - Stephanie Roberts

"I’m a portrait photographer and have trouble doing architecture and landscape photography. I just don’t have the same artistic views as those who do that type of photography. So I enjoy these photo walks as they help me strengthen that side of my artistic ability."  - Shonda Feather

"I used my lensbaby Optic 50 on all my shots, experimenting with the tilt lens." - Tracy Woods

"Surprisingly, I was in a linear phase this day." - Ann Hoy

"#1 Tonette trying out her new bike,  - #2 Love the texture and the warm lighting, - #3 A different view of the I5 bridge, - #4 A somber moment, - #5 I love old stuff with nice light and the shovel is the icing on the cake" - Les Taylor